Beam 1st impression

I’m trying different approaches to quickly share documents while restricting access such as Notion and Slack and GitHub.

Today, I found a new app called Beam made by PlanetScale, and I’d like to introduce it to you.

Conclusions, you can build a blog in 10 minutes that only members of your GitHub organization can read and write.


Although not shown in the demo above, you can also drag and insert images, send like, and send notifications to slack.

If you can try now, head over to the Beam repository on GitHub and follow the instructions in the README.


I also tried at the README and did it, but there were a few things that didn’t work. Later, I will show you the steps I was able to take.

There is a difference way. Please create issue to try-beam. I check and add to try-beam organization, then you can try above demo.